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Lux - In the temple of shadows VFX

Here's some of the VFX I made for a 7 week school project where I was responsible for all the VFX.

Characters & Environments made by:
Sara Söderman: Vegetation, Character Animation, Rigging
Joakim Engholm: Environment, Character modelling
Johan Qvarfordt: Environment
Nomi Bontegard: Character modelling & animation

Erik forsstrom enviroment vfx

Waterfall, River, Blue fire, Character hover effect

Erik forsstrom safezone vfx

Safe Zone indicator, Godrays

Erik forsstrom attack enemy vfx

Flashlight, Enemy Death Shader

Erik forsstrom shadowwall vfx


Erik forsstrom lightgrenade m vfx

Light Grenade

Erik forsstrom character death

Character Death, Enemy Attack